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If there’s any show that you should be raving about for the next few months it should be this Céline collection. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have an interest in fashion and you will therefore appreciate the extraordinary feat of going from the luxe of fur to cheap laundry bag in a collection and still making it chic and so high class. How does Phoebe Philo do it?!?!!

I am just in awe of how insanely elegant the entire collection is and I never thought I would covet clothing with a laundry bag tartan print! Phoebe Philo really showed how clever and what a brilliantly diverse designer she is. She completely reinvents the laundry bag and using coat sleeves as belts on her beautiful coat-dresses was totally modern and genius. The entire collection was very tasteful and had the perfect balance of simple minimalism, eccentric and exciting use of patterns and pure elegance.

I really loved the way the Ms Philo played with shapes and proportions. The coats were oversized and were sometimes cut shorter at the sleeves, the jumpers were also cut smaller so a panelling effect is created. Prints weren’t a huge part of the collections, other than the perplexingly chic laundry tartan, there were some chiffon black and white flowers(?) embroidered on white and cream coats. 

I think what I love most about this collection was how effortless it all looks. It explores the extremes of decadent luxury and the most simple inspiration for the clothes. It’s quiet and serene but at the same time there’s a very loud, concise and clear message being conveyed, it completely convinces me that this is what women should be wearing. This is fashion that I fall in love with. 


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